Pink Bliss

Pink Bliss

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"Fresh scent blended with soft lily and juicy apple wrapped with white musk." This scent combines several elements to create a refreshing and delightful aroma.

The primary note is a fresh scent, which likely evokes a clean and invigorating feeling. It might resemble the crispness of freshly washed linen or the coolness of a gentle breeze. This freshness serves as the foundation for the overall fragrance.

Accompanying the fresh scent is the soft lily note. Lily is often associated with elegance, grace, and purity. Its inclusion adds a touch of floral sweetness and sophistication to the scent, likely providing a gentle, soothing quality.

The juicy apple note contributes a fruity element to the blend. Imagining the aroma of a ripe apple, it brings a vibrant and slightly tangy quality to the overall scent profile. This fruity aspect might evoke feelings of juiciness and succulence.

Finally, the fragrance is wrapped with white musk. White musk is a popular base note in perfumery, known for its clean and subtle character. It adds a warm, smooth, and comforting element to the fragrance, enhancing its overall depth and longevity.

In summary, this candle scent combines fresh, soft lily, juicy apple, and white musk to create a balanced and pleasing aroma. It offers a refreshing and clean experience, with hints of floral sweetness, fruity vibrancy, and a comforting musky undertone.

Where to Use

This candle is perfect for any room in your home. It would be especially lovely in a bedroom, bathroom, or living room. The scent is relaxing and uplifting, and it can help you to unwind after a long day.

An 11 oz hand-poured candle in a beautiful glass vessel in a matte khaki with a matching  lid using a premium coconut/apricot wax with a natural and clean fragrance oil.

Please read candle label at the bottom of the candle jar for candle safety. Always trim wick to 1/4 inch after each burn. Please burn for at least 2 hours on first burn and do not burn for more than 4 hours each time. Keep candle away from all children and pets.